• Annie Mimick


Updated: Dec 10, 2020

5 Simple & Easy Tips to Style Your Home with Beautiful Plantings


Styling your home environment with interior plantings brings an element of nature to the core of your home. Incorporating natural elements into your interior environment makes you feel more centered in your living space, creates spatial hierarchy, adds color (to create visual interest), and most of all, we just love the fact that nature has the innate ability to make us feel good. Plants not only provide visual interest, but they also stimulate productive activity. Today, people spend about 90% of their time indoors. The idea of biophilia, or the use of nature indoors, may provide your mind with a needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday activity and redirect your focus. There are a variety of plant types and styles to choose from when you are considering the addition of these biophilic friends into your home environment. Today we will share five simple and easy ways for you to style your home with beautiful interior plantings.


1. Selecting A Plant Style

At first glance, the vast variety of plant types may be overwhelming when you are deciding on what style best suits your home. Selecting the correct balance of plant species has the ability to add a sense of curiosity and hierarchy to your home environment. A few of our favorite plant types include palms, succulents, and Air Plants. Primarily because they are low maintenance and add a pop of color and life to you built environment. A well curated collection of plantings provides the ability to create a Zen environment that brings nature into your home, promoting peace, order, and serenity. Balanced Zen environments, when created with purpose, stimulate mindfulness and awareness within your interior home environment.


2. Select Plants that Compliment the Architecture

Choosing a plant style that best reflects your personality, and your home’s architectural aesthetic, is an important part of the selection process. Architecturally, we tend to gravitate towards plants that create balance and mimic the formality space in which we live. This means that the plant (and the planter in which it lives) create architectural structure, pattern, texture, providing the opportunity for you to enhance accent areas - and promote the overall flow and language of your home’s aesthetic.

The placement and hierarchy of plants within your home stimulates an energetic flow between humans and nature. The teaching of Feng Shui is the idea of incorporating two contrasting elements in your environment, allowing them to harmonize together. The use and positioning of nature in your interior environment ensures balance and positive energy.


3. Create Visual Hierarchy with Varying Heights

Grounding your space with visual hierarchy allows you to create interest at multiple levels within your home environment. Visual hierarchy creates order that directs your eye to what is most important in your environment. Place your treasured plantings in different spots around your home, at a variety of heights. Locate plants around important seating vignettes and gathering spaces. Living rooms, sunrooms, and offices are wonderful locations where plants are able to ground the space and make them feel rooted in purpose. Placing greenery on mantles, shelving, and other accent locations can help to complete the overall look and feel without over accessorizing.

4. Select a Beautiful Planter

Unique planters provide another opportunity to incorporate artistic expression within your home. Select a planter that is intriguing and complimentary to your space. Use a variety of styles to enhance your homes rhythm and aesthetic.

5. Mix It Up

Mix it up! Select an array of plant and planter types that compliment your home’s aesthetic Place them in varied locations and you will create a beautiful and inviting green environment.